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基於Active Directory事件紀錄偵測系統
Anomaly Detection Based on Active Directory Log Analysis System
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Active Directory、特權帳號、Windows事件紀錄、分群、關聯規則分析
Active Directory, Privileged Account, Windows Event Log, Cluster, Association rules
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為了提高事件紀錄分析效率和降低資安事件造成的危害,本研究提出一種識別關鍵警訊和事件紀錄的方法,以便資安人員進一步分析是否存在異常。Active Directory伺服器為攻擊者的首要目標,目的在於取得權限以控制企業內部資源並危及整個組織。因此本研究所提出的方法側重於識別特權帳號在企業Active Directory伺服器的異常事件。
Businesses are facing more challenging security risks than before as cyberattacks have shifted from random attacks to advanced persistent threat attacks performed by professional hackers with well-plan and customized attack tactics. To protect against cyberattacks, multiple defense mechanisms have deployed. A massive amount of security alerts and event logs are generated by the defense sensors and servers, where most of them record routine administrative tasks such as data backup or cleaning up. However, each alert and log record requires administrators further examine to verify if there is a breach. Such human examination is labor intensive and time consuming, while in most cases they are normal. With limited time per day, administrators might not be able to finish inspecting all the alerts produced in a day.
To improve work efficiency and reduce security risk, this study proposes an approach to identifying critical alerts and event logs for administrators to further inspect if there is a compromise. Active Directory, is one of the most targets by adversaries in order to take over the control of internal network. Therefore, the proposed method focuses on identify abnormal events of privilege users on active directory.
The proposed method adopts outlier detection approach and consists of two stages: the first stage categorizes the event logs into groups, where a group of event logs indicates a routine administrative task; the second stage mines the sequence of events in each group to construct normal behaviors of the privilege users. This study evaluates the proposed method by using the real dataset retrieved from an institute. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method efficiently reduces the amount of the log record and identifies anomaly log records and could flag the undetected attack events in advance before the defense sensor.
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Abstract iv
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第1章 序論 1
1.1 研究背景 1
1.2 研究動機 2
第2章 文獻探討 5
2.1 異常偵測 5
2.3 WINDOWS事件紀錄 10
2.4 DBSCAN 12
2.5 關聯規則分析 13
第3章 研究方法 15
3.1 系統架構 16
3.2 事件紀錄收集模組 17
3.3 前處理模組 18
3.4 側寫模組 19
3.4.1 事件紀錄分群 20
3.4.2 關聯規則分析 20
3.5 偵測模組 22
第4章 系統評估 27
4.1 實驗1 評估排程事件紀錄分群成效 28
4.1.1 參數評估實驗 28
4.1.2 事件紀錄分群成效 29
4.1.3 比較不同演算法之分群結果 30
4.2 實驗2 序列模式比對和參數實驗 32
4.3 實驗3 模擬攻擊事件注入 33
4.4 實驗4 與委外SOC平台警訊比較 35
4.4.1 SOC平台比較 35
4.4.2 風險分數評估 40
4.4.3 既有安全系統比對攻擊事件 40
4.4.4 攻擊案例分析 42
4.4.5 高風險警訊案例分析 45
第5章 結論與未來展望 46
參考資料 47
附錄 A. 50

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