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姓名 黃進元(Chin-yuan Huang) 電子郵件信箱 E-mail 資料不公開
畢業系所 資訊管理學系研究所(Information Management)
畢業學位 碩士(Master) 畢業時期 95學年第2學期
論文名稱(中) 以框架理論探討軟體委外衝突
論文名稱(英) The Software Outsourcing Conflict - A study based on the Frame Theory
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    論文語文/頁數 中文/133
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    摘要(中) 軟體委外開發早已是政府與企業取得資訊系統很普遍的作法。軟體委外固然有許多好處,但若對外包沒有正確瞭解,則不但無法達到預期效果,很可能還會帶來一些令人頭痛的問題。從過去的研究數據或實際參與專案開發的經驗,都顯示了有很多的問題,尤其在系統開發期間總有許多分工與參與者,衝突很容易成為其中一種如影隨形的問題,如果沒有及時化解或找出原因,很可能就會對專案造成很大傷害。例如,模糊的規格文件與需求,就隱藏著未解決的衝突,當系統錯誤一直累積到最後沒有及時處理,很可能就是一個衝突點。雖然如此,但是絕大多數的開發團隊都不會特別重視衝突發生的原因與解決的方法,卻僅在意團隊合作與專業精神。過去少有針對軟體委外介於顧客與外包商間引起衝突的研究,大多僅於組織間或個人間的衝突研究。而且,大多數採用的研究方法以問卷或個案訪談為主,較少有實地參與衝突事件的發生或針對引起衝突的來龍去脈深入研究,並且持續一段時間的蒐集、整理與分析各種衝突的現象,找出主要原因,達到更深入的了解。
    摘要(英) Software development outsourcing is a very common way to gain source for information system among government and private business. Although there are lots of advantages of software development outsourcing, if one do not really understanding outsourcing correctly, not only expected results cannot be met, there will be additional problems. From the past research data and real cases, there are lots of problems shown. There are always lots of participants involved in product development, thus conflicts are very closely associated with participants. If conflicts do not get solved immediately or root caused had not been found right away, conflicts always results in large damages to developments. For example, there are hidden conflicts with in ambiguous document format and request. When mistakes stack up and do not get solved right away, they will become potential conflicts. However, most members do not pay too much attention to the reasons how conflict occurred or to ways of solving but pay more attention on teamwork and professionalism. There were lots of research done in the past regarding the conflicts between customers and suppliers of software development outsoursing; most of them are limited in reseach conflicts of orgination and individuals. Most research methods are market research or individual interviews there is no in depth research regarding the conflict events with long period of data collection and analysis; also tracking the major factors for the root causes.
    This research method involoved two real cases. We observe, record, and collect data from the real events and interviews participants. We investigate the causes of conflicts between customers and outsourcing suppliers by framing theory. Then we analyzed the cognition of customers and outsourcing suppliers toward conflicts during the research period. Then, this research result came from using six main conflict frames work as conflict types : identity, characterization, fact, power, loose versus gains, process. After the data was collected, we use consistent comparison as a foundation. The purpose is to cross exam the data and found the root causes before and after conflict resolution.
    In software industry, when people encounter conflicts or found problems of conflict, this research helps them to understand the root cause faster and it provides great resource for project managers. By using real cases records and results as examples to find the root cause or potential problems; people could come to neutral agreement by using conflict management to satisfy both parties.
  • 軟體委外
  • 衝突解決
  • 框架理論
  • 衝突原因
  • 關鍵字(英)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Causes of Conflict
  • Software Outsourcing
  • Framing Theory
  • 論文目次 目  錄
    第壹章、緒論 1
    第一節、研究背景與動機 1
    第二節、研究目的 3
    第貳章、文獻探討 4
    第一節、軟體委外之定義 4
    第二節、衝突相關研究探討 4
    第三節、衝突框架(CONFLICT FRAMES) 7
    第參章、研究方法 16
    第一節、研究架構 16
    第二節、質性研究法 20
    第三節、研究步驟 20
    第肆章、個案分析 29
    第一節、個案A介紹 29
    第二節、個案A資料分析 34
    第三節、個案B介紹 46
    第四節、個案B資料分析 55
    第五節、個案C介紹 72
    第六節、個案C資料分析 81
    第伍章、結論與貢獻 102
    第一節、結論 102
    第二節、對實務的貢獻 107
    參考文獻 108
    附錄一 111
    附錄二 114
    附錄三 121
    參考文獻 中文部份:
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  • 孫思源 - 委員
  • 林信惠 - 指導教授
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