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Applying Text Mining to Explore Inter-firm Co-opetition Relationship – A Case Study of Offshore Wind Power Industry
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natural language processing, text mining, offshore wind power, industrial research, coopetition
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Industrial research has been a vital information for companies to analyze their competitors, supply chains and consumer demand. The more industrial research companies do, the better probability they will grow against the tide. For instance, internally optimizing operating strategies, formulating policies with efficiency and enhancing the quality of decision-making. Externally, knowing the current status and identifying market trends like the back of the hand. However, it is not possible for every company to do the industrial research due to time urgency and the lack of capital. As the industries continue to advance, coopetition, cooperation and competition, has sprung up in the fields. It is coopetition that help economize manpower and material resources. The original approach of doing industrial research might go to defining the problems, then doing qualitative interviews with related manufacturers or spending a sum of money on existing reports. However, the former peer-to-peer interview may not be able to outline the industry, nor the latter which covers a large area be helpful for the solution. Not to mention the secondary data such as journals and media reports. Therefore, coopetition has been rolled out. In the study, taking the offshore wind power industry as an example to demonstrate “coopetition”. First, data can be automatically operated by means of web crawlers. Second, exploring the data by natural language processing, text mining and word embedding. Meanwhile, industrial structure and coopetition relationship can be visualized through the social network diagram. Last, setting up an interactive website to enable the researchers to evaluate industries and companies within the shortest possible time.
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第二節 研究動機 1
第三節 研究目的 2
第四節 論文架構 2
第二章 文獻探討 3
第一節 台灣離岸風電發展概況 3
第二節 競合理論 4
第三節 文字探勘技術 5
第四節 社會網路分析 7
第五節 詞嵌入模型 8
第三章 研究方法 11
第一節 研究對象 11
第二節 研究架構 11
第三節 研究步驟 12
第四章 結果與討論 18
第一節 文集基本統計 18
第二節 資料預處理 23
第三節 命名實體識別 24
第四節 共現矩陣與相關矩陣 25
第五節 互動式社會網路圖 27
第六節 探索產業關係 29
第七節 結果驗證 32
第八節 個案分析與討論–以宏華營造為例 39
第九節 研究限制 43
第五章 結論與建議 45
第一節 結論 45
第二節 建議 45
第三節 研究貢獻 46
參考文獻 47
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