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  • The Brand Trust Survey Research and Three-Year-Survey-Result Comparison
    -- Yu-Yu Chen, Department of Information Management, 2021
    2 2
     Modern marketing methods are different from before. It is difficult to succeed if you rely solely on product performance. Modern consumers pay more attention to corporate social responsibility and cus....
  • An Exploration Research on The effectness of E-Learning Courses through The Digital Learning Maturity Model
    -- Tung-Han Yang, Department of Information Management, 2021
    2 2
     The purpose of this study is to understand the effectiveness of digital transformation in schools' digital course. The reason is that digital transformation has become an irresistible wave in the curr....
  • A Multiple Case Study of Taiwan Tea Business Digital Transformation
    -- Jui-Chieh Lee, Department of Information Management, 2021
     This research mainly discusses the current situation and practices of digital transformation of related enterprises in Taiwan tea industry under the COVID-19 epidemic. Through the semi-structured inte....
  • Evaluating the Current Status of Enterprise Digital Marketing through the Digital Marketing Maturity Model
    -- Kuan-Ju Chen, Department of Information Management, 2021
    2 2
     In the turbulent 2022, it can be found that the frequency of changes in consumer demand and habits has increased dramatically. According to Salesforce survey, 88% of customers expect enterprises to ac....
  • A Case Study of the Business Model of Vanmoof Electical Bicycles
    -- Tai-You Tsou, Department of Information Management, 2021
     In this paper, a single case study method is adopted, and the e-bike case company V is selected as the research object. Through the interview, the nine-square division business model was analyzed, and....
  • An Exploratory Research on the Mobile Payment Adoption by the Small Businesses
    -- Yun-Ping Tsai, Department of Information Management, 2021
     With the development of the Internet and IoT devices, smartphones nowadays have become an indispensable part of people’s lives. People are glued to their smartphones and the Internet in their liveli....
  • A Case Study of Digital Marketing for A Construction Company
    -- Hsueh-Ling Chen, Department of Information Management, 2021
    4 4
     With the rapid development of mobile communication, social media, big data, cloud technology and other technologies, plus the impact of Covid-19 epidemic on the global economy in recent years, digital....
  • The Innovative Business Model Evaluation for A Proposed Marriage-Planning Platform Imbedded with Intelligent Customer Service Robots
    -- Lin-Chan Nian, Department of Information Management, 2021
     In recent years, marriage rate has been declining due to various social factors, such as decreasing birth rate. In addition, direct contact between newlyweds and firms has been hindered by the COVID-1....
  • Business Model Analysis: Case Studies of La Felino, Victoria’s Secret and Spanx
    -- Yu-Chen Yen, Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program, 2020
    1 1
      This thesis is qualitative research on strategies to improve the business prospects of a Taiwanese female underwear company, La Felino. Specifically, this paper examines the Business Model Canvas....
  • An Explorative Case Study of Kaohsiung City Identification
    -- Pin-Yin Lin, Department of Information Management, 2020
    1 1
     The city identity refers to the different impressions that investors, tourists, residents and other stakeholders have of the city in terms of time and space, history and culture, personal characteris....
  • The Brand Trust Survey Study for Consumer Brands
    -- Yan-Bin Wang, Department of Information Management, 2019
    96 96
     The purpose of the study is to measure and rank the brand trust of consumer goods sector in Taiwan and try to explore the link between demographic and brand trust. Based on the brand trust model of Pe....
  • Process Analysis and Construction Research of Project Management in Music Performance Art Production
    -- Po-Hsuan Wang , Department of Information Management, 2019
     Performing arts performance production practice is the accumulation of the experience and experience of each performance production project manager. Project managers with different experiences and cog....
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